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Eye & Eye Optics is a full-service eyewear specialty boutique dedicated to meeting your optical needs. By providing one-on-one customer service, we fit glasses to suit your personality, lifestyle, and budget. Sophisticated, funky, urbane, or distinguished, the choice is yours. We offer eye exams and prompt dispensation of your prescription, and use only state-of-the-art lenses which can be tailored to your specification. Progressives, high-index, shatter-resistant, children's lenses and contact lenses can be accommodated, as well as transitions and polarized lenses.

"We invite you to visit and indulge in vision extraordinaire. Seeing is believing."
-Eye and Eye Optics

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2271 Dorchester Avenue
Dorchester, MA 02124
Phone: 617-296-0066
E-mail: bobin@eyeandeyeoptics.com

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Monday - Thursday: 10:00am - 05:30pm
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