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It seems like you can buy everything online nowadays, and glasses are no exception. As a specialty eyewear boutique, though, we firmly believe that you should never buy your glasses online. Not only do you miss out on the personal attention and expertise of employees, but for several more reasons:

Lower Prices Mean Lower Quality – Online eyeglass retailers try to lure you in with lower prices, but to do so they must cut costs somewhere. Often, this is done by offering lower quality products. Don’t sacrifice durability when you purchase your eyewear!

Bigger Selection Isn’t Better – Don’t stress over picking glasses from the glut of options available at an online retailer. The truth is that only certain glasses shapes are right for your face type – get the help of an eyewear professional when choosing to pick frames that compliment your style and your shape.

“Virtual Try-On” Can’t Compete – Many websites that sell frames will offer a virtual dressing room. The technology will use a picture or webcam video of you to show you what eyewear will look like on your face – but there is nothing like trying glasses on in person. Being able to see the actual color of the glasses, as well as feel the quality and weight of the frames on your face is a crucial part of the process of choosing a new pair of frames.

If you’re looking for good quality glasses for yourself or a loved one, call Eye & Eye Optics at 617-296-0066, or come visit our shop at 2271 Dorchester Avenue. We have a large selection of frames, and will be able to help find a pair that will suit your needs.