Five Signs that Your Child May Need Glasses

It is important that children get yearly eye exams in order to stay on top of their eye health. However, with children, things change in the blink of an eye. In between your children’s annual eye exams, watch for these five signs that your child is experiencing eye-related problems:

  1. Squinting – The most well-recognized sign of eye issues in children is squinting. Squinting to see far-away objects indicates nearsightedness, and squinting at close-up objects indicates farsightedness.
  2. Proximity – Nearsighted or farsighted children will often make up for their vision ailments by sitting closer or further away from the television, or holding books closer or further from their eyes than normal.
  3. Closing One Eye – If your child sees better when one of their eyes is closed, they may have an astigmatism.
  4. Rubbing Eyes – Children will sometimes get debris in their eyes while playing, but if your child rubs at their eyes often, it could be a sign of eye strain. An optometrist can tell you the cause, and may prescribe glasses to correct any issues.
  5. Headaches – Forehead or brow-area headaches are often due to uncorrected farsightedness – namely having to strain to read or look at nearby objects. If your child complains of headaches, the remedy may be a pair of glasses!

If you notice that your child is showing any of these signs, it may be time for an eye exam. Call Eye & Eye Optics at 617-296-0066 to schedule an eye examination – and if your child does need glasses to correct vision problems, we have a full-service eyewear boutique with many styles and colors that your little one will be proud to wear.

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