A Quick Eyeglasses True or False Quiz

Think you are well-versed on the do’s and don’ts for wearing eyeglasses? Take our quick Eye & Eye Optics quiz to see if you know the best practices for eyeglass health.

1. If you start wearing eyeglasses, you will be dependent on them forever.
FALSE: Prescription eyeglasses are used to correct deficiencies. As you wear prescription eyeglasses longer, everyday tasks become easier so people with eyeglasses choose to wear them because visual challenges are gone.

2. Wearing eyeglasses will exacerbate your vision problems.
FALSE: Prescription eyeglasses are used to fix challenges and improve your vision. Our eyesight deteriorates as we age, and is not due to wearing eyeglasses. By getting your eyes checked regularly, vision problems can be identified and visual issues addressed.

3. Wearing someone else’s eyeglasses will harm your vision.
TRUE: Prescriptions are personalized and created to remedy the user’s specific vision problems. Wearing prescription eyeglasses that belong to someone else can make you nauseous or cause eye strain and headaches.

4. Store-bought eyeglasses can correct your vision issues.
FALSE: Ready-made reading glasses that are available in many stores are not an adequate solution to your vision problems. Prescription eyeglasses often use a different prescription grade for each eye as our vision is not consistent. Store-bought glasses use the same prescription grade in each lens which can cause headache, eye strain or nausea.

Eye and Eye Optics uses state-of-the-art equipment to provide top-quality eye exams, as well as offering a huge selection of frames. We offer a vast array of designers, styles, colors, materials and more, and our customer service is guaranteed to help you find your perfect prescription eyeglasses match.



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